Redemption Pottery & Tile
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Alanna Mounsey

Amazing and helpful

Redemption is my go to pottery place, I suggest it to all my friends. You will get informative and helpful instruction and there is always more to create. This is a must try activity, and if you already know ceramics and need a place to just be this is it!

Natasha Lyndon

Wonderful art-making experience

It was amazing to be able to learn how to use the wheel the first time there for a class. And with the excellent instruction and help each step of the way, I was able to make 2 bowls that I was really happy with. The atmosphere is relaxed & encouraging. So much fun!

Valerie Pullen


I have never had any experience with pottery before attending Redemption Pottery & Tile and with their great instructions I have been able to create and understand the key principles. Great pricing for what they provide! Love it :)

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